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Application Guide

Sports applications

Sports devil 
live sports (or you can pick another) we also like 
Select the sport you wish to view
All the games for that day will appear
(times appear on the left of the games you cannot view the game until the time has started) 
So you dont have to do this process each and every time. Before you select the sport you wish to view while it is highlighted press the menu button located on your remote and then select add to favorites that way the next time you goto view the sporting event it will pull up all the games for that day. 

Dragon Streams (select the words under sports2) (NFL and UFC)
Dragon Streams

Dragon sports 
NFL (will also have UFC)
Dragon list

Then you will select the game you wish to view
(we recommend picking the top link because it will scan all of the links once for you)

Phoenix Live (under sports2 words) (great for hockey and UFC/MMA)
You will select what you wish to view and then it will pull up the games and the times playing you will just select what you wish to view.

Will have all the sports that are currently in season for professional with the teams and times wit preview of score. The picture is HQ and easy to pick