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Sweep Smarter

  • $ 39.99

INTRODUCING THE SWEEP SMARTER. The Hard Floor sweeper from International Housewares Inc.! It's a rotating broom with a built-in dust pan that puts the power of cleaning any mess into the palm of your hand!


Manually push sweeper forward to collect dirt and debris. No bags, filters, batteries or electricity cords required. - Three rotating brushes loosen, lift and channel dirt into the dust pan, even along edges such as baseboards, walls, furniture or toe kicks.


Easily empty the dust pan by lifting back door and dumping into the trash can.



Works on all hard floor surfaces: Wood, Tile, Marble, Linoleum and Vinyl - Works on all dirt and debris (wet, dry, big or small): Kitty Litter, Pet Hair, Food, Crumbs, Dirt and MORE! BUNDLED WITH THE HANDHELD SWEEPER The Handheld Sweeper is the perfect addition to your assortment of cleaning tools. Store it in your closet, car or RV to quickly gather dirt on both hard floor surfaces and upholstery.


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