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Super Stretch Lids

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Here's a new twist on the old food storage container tops you have in your cupboard!  These handy covers are made from super-stretch silicone.  They are circular in shape but pliable enough to seal even odd-shaped containers.  Save on expensive, disposable plastic wrap, and save money on food bills by storing scrumptious leftovers for another meal.  You will find a size that fits all your mugs, pots, cups, bowls, and fruits.  Order yours today!

Where to use them?

Ideal for almost any condition and adaptable to many shapes and sizes.  There is a long list of uses for it including: leftover food, unfinished beverages, fresh fruit, dishes on the go, food in the fridge and splatter guards,

     Don't waste money on plastic film that you can only use once, and stop sifting through your cupboards to find the perfect lid.  These stretchy alternatives will each work on a range of containers, and they never wear out.  For this reason they are way more economical and eco-friendly in comparison.  Other versions don't stay on as well, and have trouble fitting.  These are made from top quality silicone that is totally safe, and incredibly reliable.  Get a set to make it easy to store leftovers, and then continue using them to discover all of the other stuff they can do.

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