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Hand Crafted Ceramic Garlic Grater Set

  • $ 24.99

Centuries-old garlic grater plate design is still the easiest and best way to grate/puree garlic, ginger, chocolate, nuts, cheeses, avocado for guacamole, and more. The Handcrafted Ceramic Garlic Grater Plate Set by Gourmet Grater will be your favorite kitchen tool!

- Simple, fast way to grate garlic
- Make grated garlic, garlic oil, paste, puree
- Works with dozens of other ingredients
- Beautiful pattern, handmade in Spain

Saves you time in the kitchen, looks great as part of your décor, and delivers superior performance for best recipe results!


The Handcrafted Ceramic Garlic Grater Plate Set by Gourmet Grater is made by hand in Spain, according to a design that is perfected over centuries of traditional use. Open up a new volume of delicious recipes with this garlic grater set that takes the work out of cooking.

The silicone garlic peeler is so simple: just insert a clove and roll firmly to remove garlic skin – it's that easy! The gathering brush collects grated ingredients and can also be used to clean your garlic grater plate.

Thousands of recipes taste better with freshly grated garlic, ginger, and more!

“Noir Gourmet” pattern is lovely and fun, a perfect fit for kitchens or dining rooms decorated in Southwestern style, Mediterranean, traditional, classic, bistro, farmhouse, country, rustic, and more.

Buy the Handcrafted Ceramic Garlic Grater Plate Set for yourself, or as a wonderful gift for family and friends. Visit our Amazon store to view our 8 attractive styles:
- Desert Rose
- La Provencale
- Mediterranean
- Noir Gourmet
- Nuevo Citron
- Southwest
- Pink Heart
- Red Heart

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